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4th Tour de Mátra in Hungary

1-2 June 2024


III. Tour de Mátra

Tour de Mátra

3-4 June 2023

Coming soon with the 2024 information...

Road cycling race in the Mátra Mountains for advanced and intermediate riders who are targeting a hilly or mountainous event.


We are so happy and proud! In early 2022 our cycling competition was accredited by the Hungarian Cycling Federation (MKSZ). The MKSZ is a European federation member of the International Cycling Union (UCI, Union Cycliste Internationale) and is automatically a member of the European Cycling Union. The ECU forms a liaison between UCI and the 50 EU national federations. Come and ride with us!

Always the first weekend in June!

Free for U13, U15, U17!

Sat 10:00 Long route
Sun 11:00 Short route

The Organiser is the local Mátra Biker Sport Club (MBSC) non‑profit organisation. As a friendly club, from fans and riders to cycling enthusiasts and professionals, MBSC is suitable for all levels and actively encourages all to get involved. This weekend lets you climb our iconic mountain and pass some of the most spectacular views along the way. This event is perfect for a weekend away with your family and a great way to explore the countryside and Hungary's highest peak at 3,327 feet (1014m).

Entry is online only and will close at 1 hour before the race starts.

The 2023 World Athletics Championships will take place in Budapest, Hungary from 19 to 27 August!!! Participants of the Tour de Mátra road cycling race, held on the first weekend in June in the Mátra Mountains, Hungary, can take advantage of a 50% discount to attend the world’s 3rd largest sports event! To claim the 50% discount, simply register in advance on the hetkoznapihos.hu website and look for the World Championship stand after the Finish line of the Tour de Mátra. Upon confirmation of your participation, the discount coupon will be added to your account. If you are unable to register in advance, you can still register at the event and receive your unique code, which you can later use to prove your participation and claim the 50% discount. Please note that the discount coupon is valid for up to 4 tickets or passes.
More information: hetkoznapihos.hu

Free concerts during the weekend! CandyMen Duo plays on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 14:00. Saturday the Erős Pista RHCP Tribute Band spices up the mood from 16:00 to 18.00 on the hill!

Hétköznapi Hős

Tour de Mátra


Based on Strava

Race Information

Racers do not need Racing Licence in order to compete.

The following age categories for participating applies:

  • U13 (born in 2011-2012) FREE ENTRY
  • U15 (2009-2010) FREE ENTRY
  • U17 (2007-2008) FREE ENTRY
  • U19 (2005-2006)
  • Adult (1994-2004)
  • Master1 (1984-1993)
  • Master2 (1974-1983)
  • Master3 (1964-1973)
  • Master4 (in 1963 or before)


  • Entries are taken by the Event organiser
  • Entries are strictly online only via entry boss
  • The number of racers to this event will be capped at 500 entries daily
  • Please, fill in the online RACE ENTRY FORM first
  • Every racer must fill in the registration form with her/his own email address
  • You can not reserve your place, our events are set up on a "first-come-first-served" basis
  • Entries are accepted upon successful payment of the entry fee

gpx files to download:

Google maps:

Entry fee:

  • LONG route 83 km: 18.000 HUF
  • SHORT route 16 km: 18.000 HUF
  • Complex 83 km + 16 km: 26.000 HUF
  • We don't take postal entries, cheques or cash
  • Change of category, refund and/or transfer of the payment is not allowed

Entry fee includes:

  • entry package (starter kit)
  • chip timing (EvoChip)
  • full medical support of National Ambulance Service
  • route safety by Police, UBE motorcyclists, civil guards
  • service vehicles
  • finisher's medal for all participants
  • awarding medals in all categories for women/men (stage winners)
  • the winner of Tour de Mátra "Complex" is awarded the Trophy
  • downloadable, professional photos from the competition
  • downloadable certificate
  • MERIDA raffle draw (based on racers' numbers)

Raffle prizes by Merida Concept Store:

  • 10 Merida CHARGER helmets
  • 10 pairs of Merida RACE sunglasses
  • 10 Merida SEVEN SL II backpacks

Raffle Prizes by MERIDA

Ride like a Pro! Merida Concept Store, Hungary

Entry package includes:

  • race registration number
  • timing chip (EvoChip)
  • HAMMER NUTRITION energy gel
  • 1 bottle of wine for each racer from one or the other of our favourite local wineries in the region:
    Dominium Winery (Farkasmály) & Nyilas Winery (Gyöngyössolymos)
  • the starting packages of U13, U15 and U17 free entries do not include wine
  • MERIDA tire set for all women and all juniors (U13, U15, U17, U19)
  • MERIDA water bottle for all women
  • banana from Rozgonyi Fruit and Vegetables
  • SWISS canned vitamin drink
  • Detki Keksz biscuits

Start of the races:

  • Address: Bene utca 69., University, Károly Róbert Student Hotel, 3200 Gyöngyös, Hungary
  • Saturday 10:00AM [CEST]
  • Sunday 11:00AM [CEST].

Car park:

  • Károly Róbert Student Hotel: free
  • Gyöngyös centre: fee-based
  • Mátrafüred: free
  • Sástó: fee-based
  • Mátraháza: fee-based
  • Kékestető: fee-based

Accomodation: hotel, motel, pansion, caravan, tent...

  • Károly Róbert Student Hotel
  • Oxygen Adrenalin Park
  • Sás-tó camping and hotel
  • Hotels in the Mátra Mountains
  • Farkasmály
  • Mátrafüred
  • Mátraháza
  • Gyöngyös

Race rules:

  • Riders aged under 18 need to download the PARENT CONSENT FORM and send it to us signed by his/her parent or guardian.
  • There will be only one official start for all the racers at the beginning of every routes.
  • It is important that members obey all road rules. Races are on open roads and all road rules apply, in particular no crossing the centre line. KEEP RIGHT in Hungary. Indications given by authorized staff along the way must be followed.
  • It is important that all competitors have adequate insurance that will cover any medical treatment that may be required whilst racing.
  • Helicopter may be available in case of emergency. There is no full time helicopter coverage.
  • Road bikes are acceptable. E-bikes are not acceptable. All must have working front and rear brakes.
  • An approved safety helmet complying with latest standards must be correctly worn at all times.
  • Attention! Racers should be very careful leaving Mátraháza where a steep sloping section follows!
  • Every racer must display their race number on their bike at all times and in good condition.
  • Appropriately insured service vehicles included motorcycle service are provided by the Organiser. Riders may only receive service from a service vehicle on the right-hand side of the road.
  • Staff will be placed at any tricky junctions of the routes.
  • Appropriate riding gear must be worn at all times. Every racer is advised to be prepared for heavy rain, cold winds, and sudden temperature changes.
  • Racers are not allowed to throw food, drink, containers or waste along the route. Failure to comply will result in a penalty. Waste must be carried to the finishing point.
  • Any racer withdrawing from the race must inform the Organising Team as soon as the decision has been made and hand over their race number.
  • Having completed the race, riders must return their timing chips.
  • Toilet facilities in Start/Finish: hot water with hand sanitiser available.

All riders taking part in events registered with Mátra Biker Sport Club are subject to the Hungarian Cycling Association's rules for cycling events when entering events using the online entry system.

Every racer participates in Tour de Mátra under their own will and responsibility. Therefore, the Organising Team cannot be made liable for any accident, fall or illness occurring during the entire duration of the race.

The Race Organiser may make decisions regarding the application of a partial or complete route change of any stage, depending on unforeseen situations such as extreme weather or general security.

Every racer must follow all the rules for the protection of the environment given by the Organiser with utmost care, respecting the region and the population as well as keeping up the sporting spirit of the cycling race.

Terms, Policy & Consent


How to enter

Registration is open until the START!

We made it easy for you! You don't have to create an online account. Follow these two quick steps to help guide you through the online registration process. First, please fill in the entry form with your own email address.




83 km - BUY NOW 16 km - BUY NOW 83 + 16 km - BUY NOW

You can also register on the spot, but we do not accept cash.

Entries are accepted upon successful payment of the entry fee. Clicking on "BUY NOW" we accept Stripe payments made in EUR with no additional charge or cover fees. Stripe is one of the most popular online payment systems. It's a very simple, safe and quick process, and you can just use your email address along with your bank card details to pay in the entry fee. You don't need a Stripe account. It supports all debit cards and credit cards transactions globally and it's absolutely safe! For successful entries we accept payments until 1 hour before the race starts.


Károly Róbert Student Hotel, Sport Centre, 3200 Gyöngyös Hungary

Saturday 10:00AM
Sunday 11:00AM

The more hills you climb, the better you will get at them!

Race Routes:

Ride with us!

Saturday: 83 km

Sunday: 16 km

Tour de Mátra


3-4 June 2023


You can find all the official road cycling results and downloadable certifications on the Evochip.hu website after the race.

Tour de Mátra


3-4 June 2023


Our sponsorsA huge thanks to all of our amazing sponsors for the 2023 Tour de Mátra Road Cycling Race!

Tour de Mátra


3-4 June 2023